You may have seen this exciting indie group tour alongside “Nothing But Thieves”, but in case you’ve missed it, Airways releases video clips of their US tour diary in music visual for their track from their anticipated EP  “Starting To Spin”.

Officially confirmed as the supporting acts for The Xcerts on their UK tour, Airways offer a conversational gritty-indie ballad that has a heavy-hard guitar riff and intense drums. The lyrics to their single is easy to catch, making you sing along whilst catchy the adrenalin. It’s part of their overly blunt storytelling that has earned them to be compared to the Artic Monkeys. That being said, Airways have begun gaining momentum. They’ve kept themselves in the right music circles and this has earned them to get their EP produced by the likes of Dom Craik and Julian Emery, who are members of Nothing But Thieves. Everything about their music video is shot in monochrome and we get to see how their tour diary gives us an insight into their own individual personalities and persona as a group. Afterall, these guys are just average Peterborough lads who have rock-on bona-fide indie hits.


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