BT BUFF Award 2017 nominee Maia Watkins makes her writing debut with 'Alpha & Omega', with an exciting diverse crew. It follows after securing her first appearance on television on Britain's number one soap 'Eastenders' and ITV Gold's 'Marley Ghost'; not to mention her resilient work ethic of securing roles in indie films.

Taking a dive into the character's roots 'Alpha & Omega'  will explore when science and faith collide as the leading character (played by Watkins) is a committed Rastafari who's set on the crossroads after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Natey Jones ('Doctors' and 'One Love: Bob Marley Musical') who stars alongside Watkins as her "soul mate" also take lead role showcasing how the fine line between religion and science. The short drama is closer to home for Watkins due to some inspiration being based on the passing of her uncle. Having a Rastafari upbringing herself,  'Alpha & Omegaaims to deliver more than just what people think they know about Rastafari culture. The short has gained huge support from BAME local businesses and artists within the community that the film is set in (South London), providing these businesses with a large audience to showcasing their products such as sculptors, jewellery & costume makers, vegan food producers and most recent in an interview with Daze d & Confused Tokia Aoyama spoke on his work being featured in the main character's home.

We have noticed an exciting shift as more Black film makers are creating fresh independent narratives that retell and share experiences of the Caribbean culture within Britain. We saw Hylton making her debut with her short 'Brixton Rock' starring Calvin Demba. Idris Elba is currently directing upcoming anticipated film 'Yardie', which will star and showcase the rising ethnic minority cast and now  'Alpha & Omega' continues the drive forward for more culturally based stories to be told.

Behind the scenes, this film has been headed up by a mostly female crew. Chloe Tai (A Manner of Speaking & Breathe) has been announced as the director, Maia Watkins as the lead writer & Dominique Toussaint as the producer. Nathan Adabadze who directed 'A Manner of Speaking' is the official Producer/Exec Producer. There's also Jason Fok the Editor, Costume Designer Annie Campbell & Production Designer Collette Creary-Myers.

If you would like to help support this film the team has created a Support the crowdfunding campaign for 'Alpha & Omega'.


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