Andre-Pierre has worked his way from a former dancer to an actor, featuring in small short films/shows such as “Sherbert”, “Shutdown City” and Maverick Sabre’s music video, to landing his first film debut in thrilling drama “Curiosity Calls”. His passion and resilience has got him landing more exclusive projects, as well as meeting amazing people.

Mr Dre Pierre (as we like to call him) talks to us about his amazing journey so far. He gives us an insight into the UK film & television industry in the Midlands, prospects of working with filmmakers in London, his new projects (which he reveals with us for the first time) and superheroes from a diversity perspective.

Plus, he gives us his recommendations as to who to look out for and his stage performance alongside other actors at the Birmingham Rep in June.

If you’re hearing about us for the first time, welcome.

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1. Finally, the time has come that we’re doing a interview with you Dre Pierre…

I know, the stars have aligned for us. I feel very honored and appreciative thank you.

2. How are you feeling? Well done on the success of the “Curiosity Calls”. What was it like performing in a crime thriller? It’s a really innovative concept that Duaine Roberts produced.

Thank you! I’m feeling great! I feel like I’m in a very good space right now with my career as an actor. Although, I still have much to accomplish but I still have a lot in store. “Curiosity Calls” was a project I really wanted to be involved with. When I heard about it from Duaine after working with him on “Roman”, we had a few conversations about the film and character Detective Brooks, about making him a very flawed young Detective taking on a very big case, which appealed to me a lot but to also made him very different. When I saw the script, I was blown away about where it left the characters and story. The response the cast and crew have received has been crazy;  with people demanding they want to see a sequel. Duaine Roberts is a very smart filmmaker with a lot to offer. His future projects will be on another level – mark my words.

3. Describe your personality as a mainstream movie title. Make it good! It can be made up as you like!

Probably Dope and The Wood.

4. So you live near the Midlands, with your light Northern accent. How’s the film & television industry like up there? Any prospects of working with a few emerging filmmakers in London?

Yeah, the film scene over here is growing with a lot of up and coming filmmakers that  I’ve come across over the years. The only difference I would say is that the industry over here is relatively small, which needs to change in the Midlands. I’ve been very blessed and lucky to get the opportunities over here, but it does need to change because the Midlands has a lot of talent. I would love to work with R.M Moses and Monet Morgs, as they’re exciting filmmakers producing quality films and roles with a message and I’m all for that.

5. Tell us about your journey into acting. You began as a dancer before branching out into your career to what it is now. You were featured in “Roman”, “Sherbert”, “My Life My Choice”, “Scapegoat” and “Shutdown City”.

I was an actor before I became a dancer originally, but being a dancer took off first. I just danced for the fun of it. After  I saw films like “Honey”, “You a Got a Served” and “Stomp The Yard” I began to take it more seriously; so I went to Hip Hop/ Street Dance classes, which were organised by Ikeela toffee (Birmingham’s No.1 Crew Tru Street Dance). By the ages of 16-17, I was part of the Crew performing at various shows/music videos across the UK. While I was doing all this,  I studied acting in college. Ikeela notified me and my friend about an audition going on for a film which turned out to be “My Life, My Choice” . We both made through castings and the film turned out to be a bigger thing than  we had realized. From a film premiere  to heavy promotion. So everything took off from there. Since then, I’ve been in numerous short films, theater and stage performances like “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare, “Uncle Ben: Block Party” by Rem Conway and acted in music videos like Maverick Sabre’s “Emotion (Ain’t Nobody Remix)”. It’s been a very interesting journey that has grown busier and busier for me.


6. So you’ve got exclusive projects that you’re working on. Can you give us a few insights into what your next projects are about?

This is the first time I’ve announced them, but I have a three films dropping this year that I can speak of right now.  One which is called “Indy” which is set in the late 80s about a young boy that is introduced to the world of Hip Hop/Breakdance but because of his heritage it creates certain obstacles. Think of the film like  “Bend it like Beckham” meets breakdance. “Enhancer” is my first action short film; where I play a soldier that is used as a experiment for a new serum that can create a super soldier, but has certain side effects. “The Lost Four” is another horror, mystery thriller to look out for about four characters that wake up in a room not knowing why they were put there, but the lives they were living have something to do with it.

I’ll also be back on stage again with a very strong cast of actors at the Birmingham Rep on June 10th, which will probably be the most different role you’ll see from me yet. The play will be directed by Phillip Morris and Keiren D’Sousa Amos. I’m excited for people to see it. I believe it will be something truly amazing.

7. Who do you recommend that we should watch out for in the UK film & television industry? Feel free to include any producers, filmmakers and screenwriters.

Duaine Carma Roberts (Carma Films) Daniel Kidd, Idi Assoumanou (The French Director), Mark Hamilton (Back2BackFilms), Steff Tyzel Thompson, Kyle Xay, Jak Uddin, TiD, Daniel Alexander, Daniel Crooks, Alex Doidge, Josh Mystik Slater, R.M Moses and Monet Morgs are exciting filmmakers to come. For actors Theo Johnson, John Hurley, Rem Conway, Vanessa Donavan, Joanna Gay, Cassandra Wigan, Nathan Hector, Leo Watson-Roberts, Paul Duncan and Georgia Neath.

8. You’ve have a strong interest in superheroes. Therefore with the recent phenomenon of Marvel and DC comics taking over Hollywood, we will ask two on topic questions:

a) There’s been this ongoing debate and collision in regards to Black actors playing white superheroes. Actors Michael B Jordan and John Boyega were dragged into this. Even though Black Panther and Falcon are Black superheroes, there’s a sense of fear of demeaning their roles. With all this complaining about the lack of Black superheroes and the main society not accepting a new race from predominately white superheroes, do you think it’s time for filmmakers to start thinking outside the box?

Most definitely. It’s already been proven that films with more diverse casts have been successful,  with the biggest example the “Fast and Furious Franchise” and “Straight Outta Compton”. Having Black lead superheroes can give an audience a new perspective that a hero like Black Panther and Stastic Shock are also equal and can just be as successful as other superheroes. It also creates more interesting storytelling and characters that haven’t been seen before. Not to mention showing the world that anyone can be a hero what ever your background. It would be more of a statement to the industry.

b) There’s been successful sci-fi television shows such as E4’s “Misfits”, HBO’s “Heroes”and film “Sleight”, which premiered at Sundance. These shows have brought the superhero ideals to a present modern context. We’ll also add “Sapiens” by Remi Moses and “Seventeen” by Urban Gem Media on our list. Is there a potential market in the UK for this new emerging concept?

I would say yes; there’s a huge market for it. It’s always about how can you create a interesting concept, characters and story that hasn’t been done before. I think filmmakers have more of an advantage creating an original story in the superhero/sci-fi genre because there’s neither expectations nor nothing pre-existing,  other than your own ideas and how to make the best hero/anti-hero in a unique setting people have ever seen.

9) If you could be the star of your own dream movie, who’d be your supporting actors?

Wow, thats a tough one… I would have to say Idris Elba, Robert Downey Jr, John Boyega, Leonardo Dicaprio, Oscar Issac, Margot Robbie, Lupita Nyong’o, Denzel Washington and Benedict Cumberbatch.

10) So you got some dance moves yeah? Any chance of showcasing what you got in future films?

Haha (laughs)! Well, I’ll be showing some dance moves in my new short film “Indy”, but I would love to show that other side of me fully in a future film down the line; it just has to be the right story.

11) Reflect on the challenges in breaking into the film & television industry. Feel free to reflect on your triumphs.

Never be disheartened by a ‘No’ in this industry because numerous rejections mean your closer to a yes from the right person. There’s this weird perception that after you’re in one film or tv show, that you’re going to  be big overnight – that’s far from the case. You have to work and work again, always perfecting your craft while keeping it professional; whatever the circumstances. Filming can be very unpredictable at times. For auditioning for films/Music Videos/Stage Productions like “Sherbet”, “Shutdown City”, “Uncle Ben:Block Party”, Maverick Sabre’s music Video and the recent “Curiosity Calls”, I honestly didn’t think I was going to get them roles; but because I was passionate and dedicated to the characters, it won the directors over. Now I have bigger things ahead in the future and that’s come from all my previous films. So I would say do it for the love first and the rewards will come back greatly.


12) How can people be updated in the world of Andre Pierre?

Follow Me On Twitter:
Instagram: @TheLifeOfDrePierre
For all the latest updates and announcements you can find them on there.

13) Finally, have you got something on your mind that you’d like to say? Doesn’t matter if it random.

I’m very thankful to have done this interview with you guys. Thank you  for your continual support for me!  It doesn’t go unnoticed. Peace, love and blessings to you.


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