Writer/director Alex Garland takes Jeff VanderMeer'sĀ  sci-fi thriller novel.

The'Ex-Machina' writer/director brings Natalie Portman (who had a lead in 'Ex Machina') to star in this sci-fi film as the leading biologist who signs herself up to a lethal science expedition. The trailer leaves no trace as to what The Biologist (Portman) saw during the exploits, as she's left in psychological turmoil. The world that the other scientists enter into is against the laws of nature...leading to more than just strange circumstances happening.

The teaser is already sinister in itself, as it leaves no trace as to what it is that controlling the force of that world. 'Annihilation' may be categorisedĀ as an adventure film, but it's a thriller that is only for the ones who would dare to be at the edge of their seat.



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