COMING SOON: ‘AOP vs The World’ – The Sequel


More details have been unveiled on the new development concerning Mavrik Studios' finale 'AOP vs The World'

Despite currently being on the leg of the season finale, Jenkinson Denzel Southern reveals that there's a possibility that the finale will have a sequel, despite no details and information has been revealed - yet. This new exclusive information comes after the webseries 'The Art Of People' has developed a sense of interest for comic con and superhero lovers. He's released not one, but two trailers for the season finale of the same name 'AOP vs The World' before providing screenings for fans to meet the cast and get freebies. Now, who doesn’t like a treat?

Since filming the show, Southern has been himself returning to his former school, been covered by his local newspaper twice, and developing a buzz of being the next upcoming filmmaker from London.

Get your tickets to the screening taking place on the 1st June, where the announcement of the sequel's title will be revealed.


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