FIRST LOOK: ‘Apostasy’ – Robert Emms, Sacha Parkinson, Molly Wright & Siobhan Finneran


Daniel Kokotajlo has earned him high acclaim and support from Creative England’s iFeatures, which by the way has finally announced their top 12 film projects that they’ll be supporting, which includes Charlotte Reagan’s ‘Nan’.

Resuming to Kokotajlo, he follows alongside Tomisin Adepeju (‘Marianne’) by exploring the themes of faith and religion. With his feature debut getting positively-acclaimed reviews on both sides of the Atlantic (Evening Standard, Variety and Hollywood Reporter to name) ‘Apostasy’ is a dramatic masterpiece surrounding a Jehovah Witness family. With the film director being a former Jehovah Witness himself, Daniel Kokotajlo places his former past life into the limelight surrounding a circumstance that leaves one faithful believer to be on the crossroads as whether she should follow God and shun her sister, or just believe in the idea that blood is thicker than water and learn the new mercy of God’s love.

Many critics has described ‘Apostasy’ as a new resurrection to British Cinema. Starring a new gen of females such as Sacha Parkinson (‘Safe House’, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’Molly Wright (‘Our Girl’, ‘The A Word’) and Siobhan Finneran.

The film is set to be released on the 27th in both cinemas and on demand.


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