Moses Ssebandeke continues from where he left after his dramatic and tragic short “Patient 4318”. After winning the Roundhouse Online Film Fund, he produces another short that deals with the disconnect with online dating apps and artificial romance.

His brother takes a leading role alongside Kathryn Roth who starred in Moses’ “Reflection”. Under Lionstooth Productions Ssebandeke has already produced seven films under his belt – and he’s only just about to get started.

“Artificial Romance” opens the conversation about the digital influence on relationships and the human instinct on love. We’ve seen the rise of dating apps such as Tinder and Happn. We’ve also seen the pros and dangerous cons (hence we hint cons) of meeting people from Internet chat rooms and Facebook thanks to shows such as “Catfish: The TV series”. Whatever, it may be Ssebandeke ‘lurvves’ to capture silent imagery, when there’s a dialogue, it’s full of wit. There’s not a lot of dialogue in “Artificial Romance”, but symbols such as the skull, the two swans and the Guana dating app are clues that are enough to open the conversation about the substance of love in a fast becoming digital world.

‘Artificial Romance’ is now available for public viewing. The Roundhouse Online Film Fund is open for applications until November 30th.



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