Ayar continues to remain consistent and presents another wavey and brilliant EP. Entitled “Love & Gold”, the One50 rapper takes a little from Jazz with the opening track “Wondering”, before taking it straight to the streets with one of his tracks that we’ve already featured called “Love Lost”, using his provocative style of rap to deliver his own perspective of storytelling.

“Swing” has the similar feel heard from the classic “Eastern Sliding” – classic piano instrumentals, hazy strings and a simple yet effective Hip Hop base against the micro-sampling that’s within the background of music. We skip through “Allude” to get a listen to “Bundles” there’s a clever irregular keyboard melody being played underneath the ethereal Hip Hop beat, ending the EP with bass guitar riffed “Karma”.

Ayar’s “Love & Gold” EP is compacted with little influence from R&B, Jazz, and Soul. Taking away the fact that the EP is smaller in comparison to his previous “On the Corner”, Ayar continues to be on the straight and narrow with his own style and poetic storytelling that completely works and in sync with any melody or rhythmic tune that he does. Therefore, all we have is nothing but praises.



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