Bunmi celebrated in style at her B.A.M Production Launch at the Far Rockaway. The party was ‘turnt’ up double because Bumni was also celebrating her birthday. It’s a huge step up in her career after studying Media & Business at university whilst acting on major television shows and films. It has been on her mind for a while – but for some reason, birthing B.A.M had to take a backseat – until now….

Many of friends, families, sponsors (such as Nari Juice, Supermalt and Popcorn) and guests attended in full swing. We even spotted Troy Hudson (now alter ego Winter Rose), Ezi Emela, Rinse FM’s Yinka Bokinni, “Wedding Dates” actress Dawn Melissa Green and the professionals from Jo Clare PR.

Bunmi MojekwuBunmi Mojekwu

Bunmi’s speech was very inspiring and motivating; showcasing her struggles with companies and distributors who were not interested due to the fact that the cast was predominately Black. To even add more injury, many of these major companies were pessimistic about the success of her project  by saying that her idea of her project “would not sell”. However in full resilience, she decided to continue onwards and this is how B.A.M will become the place where true UK cinema is expressed and related to the real UK public, whilst sustaining UK talent. Right now, she’s working on a short film called “Wahala”; with a teaser trailer (coming soon), short film followed by crowdfunding in the next few months.


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