Bea Kadri describes her sound as the baby vibes of R&B and Pop divas of “…H.E.R + Jhene Aiko + Ella Mai + SZA + Ariana Grande…” The effect of her leaving Lebanon and getting Zack Shaar to produce her debut is worth the sacrifice, as Kadri comes through and impresses us with her debut single “Cloud 9”.

The track has the alternative R&B sounds and makes her sound a little like the R&B versions of Dua Lipa. Shaar has done great job of picking the right beat that’ll tickle our ears and Kadri’s vocals are one that are unique and versatile that she has made this track her own.

Despite the move to London, things are looking good for her so far. As the young star is a freelance for Universal Records and has so far recorded some songs for their catalouge. Plus, she was in Justin Timberlake’s Choir at the Brits Awards 2018 last February! It may be early days for the artist, but so far our expectations remain high after a strong debut with this R&B offering.


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