FIRST LOOK: ‘Beauty Of Silence’ – Raheem Bakare & Vanessa Vanderpuye


Renowned and in-demand cinematographer Olan Collardy looks at the fragility and vulnerability of a relationship in non-verbal terms and the anguishing undertones of isolation that each party would have.

With words written by Ola Masha, both Raheem Bakare and Vanessa Vanderpuye present the different gender response when dealing with isolation and vulnerability. Some would argue that the male response to isolation is one where you get to hear the thoughts in his mind, as he becomes honest that love isn't only beautiful but a "...unsteady moment crossing a tightrope..." With this metaphoric comparison, viewers get a juxtaposition of warm and cold colours in the short film and the variety of shots that presents a relationship between the crossroads. It's here that despite the tough struggle, Bakare answers her with the lines of '...let's just stay here when love comes...'

The project is a 'personal piece' in the words of Olan Collardy and a hint that he's preparing for his next narrative project. Collardy has set the bar when to come to talent in the UK in terms of cinematography. Of course, 'Beauty of Silence' was never done alone without the help of the team such as Nas Abraham (Art Director), Julian Knox (Production Design), Bly Richards (1st AC), Jaimee Denny (Camera Trainee), Sam Meyer (Gaffer) and Chin Wissotzky.

Beauty of Silence from olan collardy on Vimeo.


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