It's easy to do a documentary in music but Levile TV founder Ola Christian has decided to shed more light on a different industry that is exploding in high-grossed opportunities but overlooks the future of new underground talent.

"We see documentaries on music artists all the time... I wanted to offer something different."

Taking from a British perspective Levile TV presents 'Behind the Lens'. Featuring the trailblazers flying high for the UK talent that we've been supporting from the underground up. These include presenter Aaron Roachman, Nathan Hector, Femi Oyeniran ('Anuvahood', 'The Intent'), Sebastien Thiel (BBC, Just A Couple), Bunmi Mojekwu ('Eastenders', 'Jenifa in London') Leon Mayne ('Brothers With No Game'), Oli Reagan, Jenny Gleeman ('The Guardian'), Samuell Benta ('All About The Mckenzies'), Andy Amadi (BKCHAT Creator, VICELand), Oli Reagan (Actor with Mental Health), Michelle Owusu (Channel 4/Scene TV).

Christian wants to "...offer an insight into what it is really like for BAME talent to work in the UK industry..." providing the next generation with the know-how as to what to embark on when working in the industry. For the last couple of years, the UK has seen talent coming from the grassroots who have gone on to build their own independent successes from diligence and resilience. Therefore, the talented selected will provide their personal honest insights into their journey working with the film and television industry. Topics ranging from production, finances, family issues, mental health, lack of diversity and lack of representation will all be discussed among the talented creatives who all have created their own individual breakthroughs whilst cynically opening doors to new opportunities for the next generation.

Should there be more of these documentaries in the UK? Yes, there should be. Despite the music is breaking ground to the mainstream, people need to remember that there's something cooking in the film and entertainment industry too - especially when it comes to British BAME talent.


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