Pushed To The Edge was the second theme of indie films archives in Big Picture Film Club‘s Closed Up Cinema. Once again an array of indie-films from amazing emerging filmmakers were showcased on the night.

Trust us, these psycho-Thriller films will leave your mind in a whirlwind, read below our review of all films showcased.

First up was “1500 Words” by Andrew Chaplin. It was a clever dark comedy by Chaplin who base’s the man’s next actions by the not matter of hours, minutes and years — but rather by what he says. Funny but serious stuff.

This movie has already won 5 epic awards as well as premiered at the hottest international film festivals in Milan, America, London. Los Angeles and New York.

Next up was “An Arm’s Length” that had a very grotesque ending about a Jewish mother’s strong attachment to her son. Not to mention her manipulation and symbolism about his journey into early manhood. Max Weiland, one of the directors under Somesuch.co, created an interesting piece. All we can say is that you’ll just need to watch the film yourself.

Sam Jones is only 17 years old has become another one of our proteges to watch out for in the world of film. Already with three awards under his belt from the likes of BFI (BFI RAW 2015 & BFI Future Film Festival Fiction Award), we got a chance see one of his works entitled “Lifeline”.

“Lifeline” seems to be a apocalyptic thriller – well that’s what is seems like from the first few minutes – in a gangster world where everyone is on a “survival of the fittest” mind set, for the ultimate prize. It’s arguable that Jones may have taken inspiration from the Hunger Games minus the graphics, weapons and the area type look.

Placing his screenwriting and directing skills into the spotlight, Jones “Lifeline” was a masterpiece with an emotional finish. If lucky, this can be easily be picked up by any major television network (let’s say argument sake BBC Three) and be re-worked into a series. We’re definitely sure that the thriving young audience will be interested in seeing it.

Rob Ayling’s “Listen To Me” is a film that deals with a serious topic that many have experience – a next door neighbor is in an abusive relationship. But what would you?

Ayling just left us in suspense, but this also allows the audience to make their own assumptions as to what happens next.

“Pedigree” follows a young affluent Alex Powell – a banker escaping his past while dealing with depression. Meanwhile, he’s being stalked by someone who’s seems to be a vulnerable & injured woman, who is about to turn his already riddle world upside down.

Ani Laurie did a great job, the plot between Powell and the woman, and the cliffhanger ending. Besides that, we marvel at the editing & beautiful cut away scenes of Canary Wharf.

To end the night was Sunny King’s “Prey”, which we already watched at the Screen Nation Digital-Is Awards last year. What we weren’t aware of was that the incident behind the girl hasn’t be concluded. We’ve seen the trailer before on numerous media channels, which gave us the impression as to who the “Prey” is. After watching this short film, it has given us more gratitude to the execution and production, as well as praising Sunny King for seriously playing with people’s minds.

Let’s just say that Nollywood is getting an upgrade to become an international film competitor.



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