Dresden Pictures’ sci-fi feature ‘Biopunk’ is the perfect other half with ‘Afropunk Girl’, as it sets off sinister motives of a thriller and drama.

Set in dystopian London ‘Biopunk’ gives the UK the British approach to apocalyptic films. The short is an opening suspense to a desolate world of 2054, where an unknown virus has killed billions whilst battle the rise of mutation.

With the ending setting a suspense, ‘Biopunk’ has got us intrigued with this short that is a cross between ‘Children of Men’ and ‘Logan’ according to SciFi Now. The sci-fi short has the likes of ‘Games of Thrones’ star  Kristian Nairn, who is joined by lead actress Katie Sheridan (‘Doctors’, ‘Match Not Found’)

Liam Garvo has got up wondering whether this will be lengthened to becoming a feature film – or a webseries. Whatever his next moves would be in association with project, we sure know that it’ll be  MEGA.


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