How would a relationship work if you never knew the physical attributes of your mate or your parents disapproved?…

Sheryce Smith explores the issues about race in an captivating script “Blindsided”, which follows a relationship between Dina & Colby. Dina, who’s blind, falls in love with Colby and both decide to meet each other families only to see backlash.

The after effect of this, you’ll need to see for yourself.

Directed by Keefer Bishop, the short film was in association with the University of Hertfordshire, starring the likes of Kayode Akinyemi (“Dear Jesus”, “Hayfever”, “Legends of Tarzan”), Rachel Agustsson (“Rush Hour”, “Give Them A Week”), LaTanya Peterkin and Jessica Reed. This is great work from the female producer and writer Sheryce Smith.

Also in the credits, include photographer Azemaye Daniels, editor and 1st AD Anne Sofie Elizabeth Døhl Hellerud, music composer Barney Glanvill, sound editor and recordist Andrew Springall, lighting and colorist Egle Nazimovaite.

This is a powerful piece showcase not just talent but that love does surpass all barriers, we recommend that you watch it and support to young stars in and behind the camera we definitely are.


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