‘Bloom’ follows the lives of Sabrina, Rhianne, Tracey and Ruby. Four teenage girls celebrating  their last few moments of their teens.

The coming-of-age short film is written and directed by Jesse Gassongo-Alexander, and produced by Kinsey Zhang. What we love is that the cast consists of four fresh actresses that are gradually emerging in the scene. You got Lasharne Anderson, who’s previously appeared in BBC’s ‘Crimewatch’ and ‘Last Leg’. Georgia James has founded a feminist theatre company. Elizabeth Roberts is a Sociology graduate and Candassie Liburd has always had a passion for acting.

Now, if you love teen movies like ‘The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants’, ‘Girlhood’ and ‘Mustang’or any other films that demonstrate the union of sisterhood and girl power, then this film is perfect symbolism between season and growth. Topics such as school subjects and sex are addressed in this video. The teaser trailer is effortless, beautiful, that associates summer with the physical turns of femininity from teenage girl to womanhood.

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