Last time that we heard about this upcoming singer was when she released her debut EP “Sit & Be”. 

The full EP shows us her sweet recording voice, her cheeky lyrics is what has made us love her. Now, in 2018 she returns with a bolder sound that sees her uses synths strings and beats for her new single “Fickle Friend”.

Unlike like her EP that is fully piano-driven “Fickle Friend” is a tempo about a fragile friend that is complex and bittersweet. She has a Lily Allen feel with this track. It’s uncomfortable yet truthful within the lyrics; especially with the major and minor melodies heard within the track. After performing at the Ritzy last year to showcase her talent Caladrone is gradually getting her name out there. If you love the likes of Jerry Williams and Lily Allen, Blossom Caladrone is the equivalent to these amazing pop ladies.




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