With a day away before the Glastonbury Festival (aka the biggest festival in the world), duo NKOK and Mr DM release their anticipated EP ‘Freedom’.

If you ever wanted to hear ‘good music’ beyond the common smash hits, then this EP is for you.

It features Kojey Radical, Tiana Major 9 (who we’ve featured in ‘Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye’), Louis VI, Nubia Garcia and Sheila Maurice Grey; four fabulous tracks that showcase Blue Lab Beats’ gravitating groove to R&B, Soul, Blues and Jazz.

These four sounds become family ‘Freedom’ with instrumental tracks  ‘Intro’ and ‘Keep Moving’. They later take it to Hip Hop/Soul with Louis VI, who drops his lyrical rhythms before ending with ‘Don’t f*** with my Freedom.’  

Finally ending the small offering is their fourth track ‘Journey’  that is alternative R&B, with the digital synths. Once again, we see that Blue Lab Beats have a huge thing about groove, funk and instrumentals. The final track sees the duo to go all out with their abilities.

It’s a second book after the release of their first EP ‘Blue Skies’ that has influences of orchestration of the past before bringing it to the present. ‘Freedom’ is about the liberation of the producer-power duo’s favourite sounds into the here and now.

Listened to it the first time?  Urging to listen to it again…?

Go on, we know you’re fighting the temptation to press play repeat.

Support the duo as they quest to get their EP  via vinyl. 



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