Many would say that Rami Malek is just the right fit to play the role of legendary Queen. With another year following a line of movie biopics, there's a more pivotal focus on the UK veterans and legends in music. With the new announcement that Wiley will have his own movie, movies goers will be hyped about what could be a contender in the award ceremonies this year.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' teaser has been released and already, it has ranked up a massive four million views. Let's make no mistake, Freddie Mercury is one hell of an icon and watching the teaser it seems that people will be having goosebumps with Malek playing one of his most challenged roles yet since the hit show 'Mr. Robot'. Set to be released on the 24th of October in the UK (IMDB.Com), the biopic is set to be one that is left in the living memory of one of the most flamboyant personalities of the 20th Century. Therefore, we can't help but appreciate the last four decades that have produced many great names in music who have had an influence on the culture.


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