After the success of his first event last year, the success story of Remi Moses continues with a 2nd Movie Premiere.

The difference from last year? Well, the boards this time were in White instead of Black, not only that there were glittery wristbands for the VIP, and oh did we forget to a 400 STRONG AUDIENCE that consisted of the cast such as Poppy Leah, Alexandra Way, Tazmin Murray, Craig “Magic” Middleburg, Elijah Baker, Elliott MacMillian, Ola Christian, Olivia Fraser, Bekki Hlava, Hannah Way as well as Tola Teriba, Leo-Watson Roberts, Nathan Hector, Andre-Dwayne,Johann Johnson, Ashleigh Jade-Jeffery, Hannah Kelly…and hundreds more

…family, friends , fans such as Gracia Brown, Scarlett Carter,  Andre-Pierre, Joshua Blissett, the Okan Twins, Theresa Oyemah, Kathyrn Roth, Kimberley Paris, CJ Beckford, Levelle London, Monet Morgan, Joshua Maynard, Samuel Eni, (NOT TO MENTION surprising Letitia Wright & Malachi Kirby *cough cough*).

This second annual premiere was the biggest debut by far that we have been to. The event also had its own snapchat filter that reached over 20,000 views, and can we mention the after party that went all night long that evening at the bar (well…you know he he).

Beginning the night was the film “It’s You Only” starring singer Jordan Morris & Hannah Kelly, which Levelle London did the soundtrack for. It’s very  beautiful short film about recovering & healing, with a very initiate, steamy scenes. Jordan Morris has been every busy at the moment as he’s been working with A-List producers Stateside – but a that didn’t stop him from quietly attending.

Next, it was the thriller “Where We Hide Our Secrets”, which was a more sinister genre. This is was one of Remi’s films that had a few familiar faces as well as the new kids-on-the-block and upcoming music talent as part of the cast.

Then, it was a “Grace of Mine”, which many viewed as the next success short that will follow the likes of “Booktrader”. The movie that was saved for last.

To many “Booktrader” showcased and upgraded Elijah Baker as the next actor to watch out for coming out the raw streets of London. It has an impressive storyline with an emotional ending that earned Remi a standing ovation. We were crying just a teeny bit at the end – but our tears was of happiness mixed with the storyline that deals with the unwritten of life. Important topics were dealt with in the storyline that gradually developed, in order to create the message that Moses wanted to give. All we’re saying is that if you see “Booktrader” at the film festivals this year, be sure to grab a few tissues…

Remi Moses was in top demand on the night. Sporting a grey suit, he spoke to us briefly about how overwhelmed his is. His reputation is continuously building on a daily basis. To our surprise, he had limited DVDs of his “Booktrader” film (we kind of regret not grabbing one but, oh well). He even hinted that even though there won’t be another premiere this year, he does has prospects of bringing the THIRD event in early Spring.

Images courtesy of Louie Foster via Blame The Consumer website.


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