‘Cadet! Cadet! CADET!’

We hear that a lot when it’s all things about this rapper, but we’re curious to find out the meaning behind his name. Funnily enough, his name was something that ‘came off from a bus.’ The young man in question adds that he has had ‘bare names. Young this, young that…’, which we can understand, as is it and was normal for many of us who would spend time drawing and thinking of tag names that’ll make us click with the streets.

Cadet has seen the growth of his credibility as a UK artist in the past year grow from strength to strength. Despite being among the same crew of Krept & Konan, Cadet was first seen on Pixel TV. Since then, he’s performed bars for Radio 1Xtra, SBTV and of course, GRM Daily & Link Up TV. Things were a little blurry between Krept and the rapper after his first release of ‘Letter to Krept‘, and opened Cadet to speculations about their personal and business relationship. Fast forward 10 months, and his recent track ‘No More Letters‘ signals that all things are all good, and it’s time for everyone including Cadet to move onto big things.


Speaking of moving forward, the story of Cadet’s success continues as he performs at Glastonbury alongside other prominent UK homegrown heavyweights and also Wireless. If that wasn’t enough, he starred in Kojo Amin’s ‘Girls’ (if you haven’t seen the trailer yet click HERE).

During our interview Cadet, the rapper reveals special details of his second volume ‘The Commitment II’, which follows from ‘The Commitment’ EP. He reflects on his mental-state-of-mind about the last 10 months between ‘Letter to Krept’ and ‘No More Letters’. Cadet leads us on through this conversation about Instagram Girls being public figures, and as to whether he’ll pursue acting after his appearance in Anim’s short film project.

1. You recently performed at Glastonbury. That must be major to perform with a lot of fellow UK artists.

It was crazy man. That was lit, I believe that was my first ever festival performance, which was amazing man.

2. It seems that your track ‘No More Letters’ came at a perfect time. What was your state of mind and relationship with Krept at the time of your release of ‘Letters of Krept’ 10 months ago and current release ‘No More Letters’? 

When the first letters dropped, we weren’t really in a good space, both letters really stated my relationships. Since then, things have been on the up. Our relationship has now become very smooth. ‘No More Letters’ wasn’t really a letter. Nothing aimed at Krept, that was more just me summing up our relationship and getting ready for Wireless as well. 

By Shahid Uddin

3. What was the experience at Wireless? As this year, there was a huge influx of UK homegrown talent among the biggest music stars on the planet.

Crazy. Seeing the number of people come out for UK talent was ridiculous. You can’t really put it into words. It was a sick and amazing feeling. 

4. Would you ever consider having an Instagram girl? We now live in an age where looks can get be appealing for public credibility.

It depends on what you consider an Instagram girl. Is it a girl with bare followers? Well, I couldn’t be with a girl who cares more about her social media followers than reality. So in that sense, no. But in the other sense…yeah sure that’s fine

5. You were first freestyling for Pixel TV, before taking getting an impressive ‘Fire In The Booth’ with Charlie Sloth…then it was SBTV, GRM Daily Duppy, LinkUp TV Behind Bars, We seem that in the past year you increasingly advance to better your lyrics and flow with each track you release and each freestyle you do. So we want to know. What is your secret?

Pain and honesty the secret is being honest with yourself. Honest – that’s it.

6. Your second EP ‘The Commitment 2’ is a lead off from your last ‘The Commitment’. You’re also releasing our tracks with Ghetts on the day ‘Don’t Take It Personal’. What other exclusive would you like to share in the build up to the releases?

Nah, you just got to be ready for it man. The Behind the Barz Part II is dropping a couple of days after the release of the EP. Get ready for it man; put your seatbelts on because it’s going to be peak.

7. Would there be a Commitment 3 with a release for next year? 

I doubt it I tend to be in a whole different space when I release my next project. The Commitment II is the end of ‘The Commitment’ series. I’ve proved that I’m committed so now I’m going to find something else to prove in music.

8. Tell us in more details about you starring in Kojo Amin’s short film ‘Girls’ which accompany with ‘Boys’ Is acting one of your external career plan from music? b) What’s your role in the film and how does it feel working with an emerging class act of UK actors.

In the film, I play the guy who doesn’t get to see his children because the mother is on some next thing. You what it is…Kojo is a good soul. He hit me up and was like ‘you should try this out, as you seem very passionate‘. I was like ‘Nah I only focus on music. I don’t want to do any more acting‘. He was like ‘you don’t know where your Blackness comes from; if you got a skill, then do it. I was like ‘Bruddah I’ll try ting’. So I went there and done it.

I enjoyed doing it but it’s back to music for me y’all know what I mean?  Cos I was trying something out. To be honest with you there must be plenty of success stories of people trying the ting. So you’ll never know, but music is where my heart’s at man. 

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