How much secrets can a box carry?!

Well that’s what upcoming short film Capture’ is embarking on answering with it’s upcoming sci-fi by director and screenwriter Dee Scripts. And you know what, the official poster doesn’t reveal anything about the synopsis.

In fact, were still in awe with the film poster that has Afsaneh Dehrouyeh (‘Tyrant’, ‘Freesia’ and ‘Exodus: Gods & Kings’) holding a very mysterious suitcase.

Andre Fyffe has been rigorously on the film circuit last year, after securing leading roles across films such as ‘Double Dates’, ‘Russian Roulette’, as well as webseries ‘Ladyhood’. Once again, he gets a major supporting role in this film. Joining them is Fuat Hussein, who’s also an supporting actor. Alex Gbanoi, who’s also working on his film ‘Champion’, is the director; with the short film produced by Global Swag Pictures. External from acting Afsaneh Dehrouyeh is working on her first short film ‘Only Human’ under her founded copy Scaboo.

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