In amidst the announcement of his first headline show taking place on the 7th March, Che Lingo teases us with another fresh release following “Underdog Syndrome.”

Just when you thought you knew everything about perseverance, Che Lingo shatters his own lyricism of the word with this track “Same Energy”. It’s a testament to those the latecomers who haven’t fully recognized his potential and with keeping his cool, Che Lingo keeps things blunt and tell them to continue their doubts.

For those that ‘sleep on him’, let’s take a quick review of the rapper’s achievements (okay). He was on Berlin Colours and supported a host of acts, including Kieron Boothe. His music video “Black Girl Magic” is close to 440k views (even though we think it should’ve reached a million). He’s performed at ILUVLIVE and has worked with a host of UK artists which include the likes of Crits, Ms Banks and Lui Peng. After having his first interview with Certified UK 5 years ago, Che Lingo has become the new lyrical wizard of UK Rap. He’s come a long way as an artist and 2018 is set to be his breakout year as a rapper, with his EP “Charisma” in process. Therefore we tell you not to sleep on him.



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