Cherryade continue to be the answer with their ‘spoil-brat-but-cheeky’ sound approach to mainstream pop, as they release their next music video in which both Alex & Ella artistically directed and produced.

The music video still sets the tonne of colourful, compacted with quirky props, and bright. The comical-feisty yet truth single seems to be about a girl who doesn’t see the BS that your man is getting. In fact, she’s blinded by his charm and infatuated by his love, hence the chorus lines of “Got You Good”. 

In fact in the words of Ella, the track is  “…for a friend who was making some bad decisions, so it’s a bit of a wakeup call to sort your shit out and realise you deserve better. I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics and have been in similar situations at one point or another”.  There’s a mystic sense of remedy with the fortune-teller being the remedy of the misery – but we all know that it doesn’t come strong with karma.

Taken from their mini-album “Fractured Fairytales”, which includes previous single Get By” and “Blah Blah”, Cherryade have established themselves to be all fun-tongue-and-cheek with a underlining sense of honesty. Now, if you clash that with their explosive sound of unique pop, you’ll definitely get a lovechild to Charlie XCX who very naughty, but unapologetic about it.


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