Six months after the tragic Grenfell fire, things still remain set with wounds, questions, and angst.

Despite the rush to get the pressies and festivities in motion, Channel presents an alternative Christmas message from the Children of Grenfell.

71 lives and 18 children lost their lives at Grenfell. The programming consists of five children Hayam Atmani, 10, Luana Gomes, 12, her sister Megan, 10, Amiel Miller, 10 and his brother Danel, 7. The spirit of these children is full of innocence, a message of hope and gratitude of the little that they have which is – family. All of these kids begin to reminisce the past Christmas that they’ve had in the Grenfell Tower, whether it’s opening presents, sharing food or seeing the amazing views on the highest floors.

“Everyone came. They were just saying, ‘Oh that’s so cool! I wish I lived here.’ You could see the whole area, parks, and stuff. They were just like, ‘Oh that’s so cool!’”  – Hayam Atmani, 10,

“My Christmas message is that everybody should love and respect each other because you never know what tomorrow will be like. And it is important to love and cherish your family.”  – Luana Gomes, 12,

These are the lucky few who escape by a thin needle. Yet they are in remorse by the fact that many of their friends, who they have grown and shared a bond with died in the fire. Six months later many of the surviving residents have relocated to temporary locations. Hayam Atmani’s family have relocated to a small hotel that is a long distance from her school. Luana and her sister have recently relocated to a temporary accommodation after spending five months in a hotel.

So when you’re opening your gifts or stuffing yourselves with the food, remember these kids and the families that past for Grenfell.


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