At face-value, you would think that this is another ‘Fight Club’, but the synopsis goes much more deeper than the hyper adrelanin of these bare knuckled boxing matches.

In set of a blue-collar community in Leicestershire, Stevie Gold arises from the crumbs of a crippled community who were once the suppliers of coal.  Now with a new generation of young men being unemployed bare-knuckled boxing has become the other alternative for Stevie Gold. With his criminal past behind him, Gold begins to become the untold glory for the once thriving town…until tragic strikes, as he looses his loved one and breaks his knuckle.

Not only does he has to beat the odds against an experienced boxer, but he must arise from the ashes to add a new integrity and legacy to his name. Only himself and his family can lead him to victory.

The National Film & Television has already brought a line of emerging film talent, so it’s no wonder that Ross Bolidai directs this moving documentary.  Bolidai has found his resting place in film documentary, having already seen the likes of ‘The Journey’, ‘The Harvest’ and ‘No More Limits Left’, being selected at the Fringe Film Festival, as well as winning two awards under his belt. With that being said, Ross Bolidai has seen the documentary earning him ANOTHER two awards at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and This Is England Film Festival, making him to now have four awards in total.



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