Cocoa Futures takes on a mellow road with the new single “Circus” that is equipped with a a full bound of electronica, whilst hitting us gently with the blend of piano instrumentals.

With the track being recorded at Low Four Studios, Cocoa Futures adds an new approach to hardcore, mainstream pop that consists with his tender vocals and a steady drum beat. Rather than seeing it bittersweet, we see it more as a quiet delight. In fact Cocoa Futures clearly had an audience that he wanted to target with this single, as he stated that he “…like how smooth it’s turned out and will definitely be sending it to Smooth Radio.” On on end though, it has a classy eighties’ feel in terms of the melody, nevertheless, this was one of the singer-songwriters first songs written on the piano – and the result of the finishing single is one that’ll bring alight a twinkle attention to fans of Smooth radio and listeners alike.



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