Monet Morgan has confirmed her next project by releasing a poster of her next film ‘CO-D’; part of her final year dissertation project.

The film, which stars Tola Teriba (Sapiens’, ‘Casey’, ‘Double Crossing’) and Blasie Tykal (‘Little Lighty’), will be associated with Levile. Filming will be taking place between London and Southampton.

‘CO-D’ follows Trent and Courtney; two committed individuals who end up a nemesis to one of the successful drug distributors. Trent is already being alerted to becoming financially responsible for his father’s care home, despite having a content life. Therefore, stealing from illegal businesses has been the name of the game for Trent, until he makes a risky move with Bruno…

Already, a casting call to appear in the movie has been sent out, so click here to find out more details and send them your work. 

Monet Morgan has been successful in releasing short films such as ‘Double Crossing’, with two mini-series projects (‘Sinners’, ‘Brothers In Suits’) releasing this year.



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