#EPENTRY!!! DA – A Dança


DA has been releasing his own flavour sound of Black Portuguese music (lest we forget that Brazil is the only Latin country that speaks the language). Two days into 2018 and the producer has released his debut entitled ‘A Dança’, which is in translation ‘The Dance.’ 

And ah! What a dance compilation it is! And no, we are not talking about the fast, adrenaline pumping techno genre…but one that has been rooted in Afro-Brasilian culture. We hear it a lot from the likes of Sángo, who’s popularly known for working with both emerging and mainstream talents alike (Rageouz’s ‘Vai Vai’ comes to mind). Despite the EP gives us the feel as to the spiritual element of the importance of dance in the extended Black family of Black culture, DA reveals that this isn’t the full ‘…complete perspective…’ 

With Afro-Brasilian being the base, we also get the intuition of hip-hop, Baile The Funk, Funk Carioca and Trap Groove. The EP is bright and alive with instrumentalism, a travel accessory set to feel your heart in the mood of joy. There are rips of classics from artists from Afro-Brasilian music and the UK tunes from Wiley and SLK (Flirta D, Van Damage & Lady Envy) on ‘Mostre O Dinheiro (Ps N Qs)’ as well as Dizzee Rascal on ‘Stannup Tall’. The nine-track compilation features two artists Latir and 4i on tracks that we’ve previously heard: ‘Nae Sa Moore’ and ‘Agora’ with ‘Cidade De Deus’ being the bonus.

We’ve been intrigued by the works of DA after a complete browse about the producer last year with his first release ‘A Core (Colours)’. However, the producer has always had the spirit of Afro-Brasilian music with his previous release ‘Experiência’. He may think this EP is ‘…helter-skelter…‘ but we think he’s become the British answer to America’s Sángo. 


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