DAF Film Night was an intimate gathering with friends, supporters, family and more in order raise funds for the Diabetes Awareness Foundation, courtesy of man of the moment Remi Moses.

(Image by Sam Kay)

The theme for the night was Mental Health Awareness and Storytelling, so everything was centre around the emotional effects of health conditions, and creating awareness of these conditions to the main society. After all, none deserves to suffer alone - especially if you're a male.

This is why Diabetes Awareness Foundation is the perfect charity bridging the gap between the community and the hidden stigma behind diabetes. They have in the past hosted Gala's and Celebrity Football Matches, with more projects in the pipeline to inform people about the disease. Watch out for their spectacular gala again this year, as it'll be bigger than last year #justsaying. The issue of health continues with the short film 'Reflection' starring Tola Teriba, who with sickle cell anaemia,  delivered in a powerful lead role as an aspiring boxer who's been diagnosed, but not allowing the condition to determine his mental destination. With this being part of the 'The Genesis Protocol ' segments two years back, Moses reveals that there are prospects of making it into a proper film. Now with a dude (with chronic disease) that has done over approximately 26 films, he certainly has the eye to produce another award-winning feature. Besides, he has stated interest in creating moving work that deals with health and the emotional turmoil it has on the family; with the reassurance that 'Reflection' will not be that cliche boxing movie.

Moving forward was the trailer for Monet Morgan's film 'CO-D' starring Tola Teriba and Blaise Tykal. Both of these actors had leading roles in this 'Bonnie & Clyde' set up. Teriba stated that he had the idea concept from a music video - but he couldn't really execute it without the help from Monet Morgan, who was looking for something to complete her dissertation. After seeing the trailer for the first time yesterday, we can guarantee that this could be a gem if produced as a webseries.


(Image by Sam Kay)

Finally, as we predicted 'Before We Crash' starring Jennifer Freeman and Dijon Titon was finally screened. The film, which was shot in LA was honest, emotional with random conversations. Taking influence from the film 'Before Sunrise', Moses based the situation on a couple who are about to take their relationship to the next level. AGAIN Moses gave a little *wink wink*  that there could be a world premiere in the UK  for 'Before We Crash' and follow up short called 'After We Crash' - everything is in the air as of this moment.

Raffles and drinks were in full abundance yesterday as it was a great way to network but also raise awareness for such a great cause. Stars that came out include the likes of Elijah Baker, Brum's beauty Georgia Neath, Joe Wandera, Blair Gybaah, Nathan Hector and so much more.

(Image by Sam Kay)

We spoke to Remi and asked about a possible BTC 3 he did say that there is a possibility of doing his third annual BTC in October for Black History Month but only time will tell.



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