FIRST LOOK: Dance N Motion – Hosted by Team Salut


Being a fan of dance and Afro-swing comes together perfectly and producers Team Salut present a whole new dance show that celebrates the new phenomenon of dance trends and dance challenges.

The first episode sees Yxng Bane join the power-producing trio after his track “Vroom” (which was produced by them) gained five million plays. The launch episode is all about the #VroomChallenge where entries are entered from viewers display their best dance moves to Yxng Bane best selling track. With many entries given, only five will be selected by Team Salut and Yxng Bane, and placed up to the public vote, with the winner gaining a cash prize.

After being the pioneers behind the current Afrowave movement sweeping the UK, Team Salut have recently become artists in their own right with the own release of track “Hot Property”. Their new dance show, which is off the backdrop from the social media trend hashtag the #DrogbaChallenge will definitely make these guys to be the influencers in the UK music scene.


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