Lee Squires writes ‘Dead Bob’ , a critically acclaimed dark comedy that has been selected at the biggest film festivals across  Europe. Brought to life by Rosie Needham.

Seriously, the short is so mysteriously funny that you’ll wonder as to whether Squires is considering doing a feature length film.

As we all know, Amsterdam has become the mecca short-break holiday. With liberation to one human instinct that isn’t really seen in other countries. So much so, that there’s a whole district of it.

But that isn’t the funniest thing to this short film.

Kayode Akinyemi (‘Blindside’, ‘Dear Jesus’) and Dave Perry (‘Test Drive’), play the two friends who have  a dispute over how to spend their last night in Amsterdam. Max Croes stars as the deceased in question and Frankie O’Sullivan plays the seductive prostitute who finally become friends with the two protagonists.





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