Diamantina presents her pop-R&B jam “Bandwagon”, which is bright and up-tempo from her last single “Earn Me”, which was over a year ago.

The track as the synth bass and strings and vocals. A hot new single that’s catchy and can almost become a banger, taking things the little old-school with the melody reminiscent of the sounds of 00s pop-R&B brought forward to our times and rejuvenated with (which we know *cough*) her undeniable sass that’s her own. Which is what the song is about.

Knowing the pressures that come within the industry, Diamantina claps back with lyrics such as “Labels, all these labels…tryin’ to fit me in a box I ain’t haven’t it. Nah nah. Gossip and chit chatter, they can say what they want, but  I ain’t listening nah nah.”  The track itself offers the underlining message to always take your time on your craft, just ‘do you boo…’ and keep on your grind “…even when they don’t know…” 

Erm. Can we ask when you’re going to release your EP girl? It long overdue.




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