DJ Ironik makes his comeback album with his ‘Truth Be Told’ Launch Party at the Bull Theatre in North London. Popularly known for starting the whole DJ/Artist move, Ironik produces a new compilation of work that features the biggest names and the emerging stars that everyone should keep their eyes on. Despite being in the scene for over a decade, DJ Ironik describes the scene now as ‘active’, as there’s more access to DIY thanks to social media.

A host of family, friends, and supporters were all excited about the artist’s second return. There were refreshments to enjoy, as well as cake. Despite his large fan base and credibility of working with the likes of Jessica Lowndes, Chip, and Elton John, DJ Ironik brings double the homegrown features and sounds from UK music.

The night began with a host of supporting acts, starting off with Ashton Russell and Ayo Beatz. Ayo Beatz gave a huge exclusive with the first performance of new track ‘Big Man Ting’, as well as his biggest hit ‘Abu Dhabi’. He sported an all red ensemble on the night to show love and support for the DJ.  Meanwhile, Ashton Russell gave the audience a sugar and sultry-sauce of some his tracks, which include ‘Up All Night’. 

The album features Fekky, Paigey Cakey, Big Tobz, Ayo Beatz, Snoop Dogg, Tayong, Gambimi, Sharlene Klarice and Icey Stanley. Sporting some fresh-to-def pink denim jacket. Ironik performed all of his fourteen songs. Ayo Beatz can be heard twice on ‘Mercy Remix’ and Watch Nuttin’; two tracks that we think will become bangers in the clubs. There’s also ‘Dancing’ and ‘Runaway Girl‘, in which Gambimi and Tayong’s vocals are respectively on. Both of these tracks are 100% R&B with Ironik’s lyricism.



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