‘Dreaming Whilst Black’  is what we call a careful production that was actually worth the wait in the steady beat of provocative filming that’s somewhat uncomfortable, but actually needed, seeing as to what Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ has done in the Box Office (with many still thinking that it should have won Best Picture at the Oscars).

What was supposed to be a featured film transcended straight away into a webseries under a diversified eclectic team of 4 Quarter Films, hence the premiere at the Prince Charles Cinemas will once again change the dynamics of the indie creativity with the realms of digital entertainment. The premiere was a full house and we can’t deny how amazing the marketing was to this webseries. Merchandise of a bag and t-shirts were on point, with the venue being a full house. Even Adjani’s mother was in the audience! Did you know that she travelled all the way from Jamaica? Now that’s dedication.

Without giving any spoilers, the first two episodes give us the spirit behind the webseries, as viewers follow the life of Kwabena (played by Adjani Salmon) you’ll get micro-aggression surrounding the artist name…and other things besides the dark humour and comedy. There’s also elements of truth to it too especially within the title of the show itself.

“Dreaming Whilst Black? What does that actually mean? What is your Black dream that you had (A negative connotation behind the word Black e.g. Black market)? What was your dream that you were told that you couldn’t do?” – Natasha jatania

With Axel the Comedian hosting the Q&A Adjani Salmon (who plays Kwabena) speaks on the fact of tackling the issue surrounding colorism by having “…strong independent women with dark skin and natural hair that was by design and not by chance…” adding that “…we have too many Thandie Newtons and Halle Berrys…” emphasising the issue the irregular frequencies of praising those that are mixed or lighter skinned being highly favoured as both the symbol of femininity and love. Seivas also adds the issue surrounding women within a male-dominated industry, adding that many women ‘…have no choice but to hide behind a mask in order to be taken seriously”, offering a tangible advice that you need “…surround yourself with people who believe in you.”

“There is space for diverse casting within the industry” states Max Evans, “…it comes down to whether you can make your voice heard.” Of course whilst watching the show, many would see the first layer of the issues of representation and discrimination within the industry that many would relate and create, and this has allowed people to make their own independent content WITHOUT the help of the corporate. In the words of Salmon:

“Because we’re more independent, they have to gravitate to us now. The fact that we can make this off our backs, the fact that you have people like Michael Dapaah, Sebastian Thiel…the fact that they can make their own content and get income without them – they have to respond to that.”

With the show receiving high praise from the audience, the crew also reveal their exclusive plans in intricacy. Prospects include branching worldwide and bringing about important issues with original content.

“Hopefully, a “Dreaming Whilst Black Season 2” hints Jantania…




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