If you’ve thought that Ewumi’s “Hood Documentary” was enough jokes, then Purple Geko have got something that’ll leave you out of your seat.

Ladies, gentlemen and grime lovers of the world, check out your next mockumentary “Dropperz”, where viewers follow an aspiring grime collective who are struggling to get their first music and video recorded. It’s the crew’s final shot to fame, but tragedy strikes when their dog kills their family rabbit. Tune in to ITV2 on the 2nd of November!

Adam Deacon takes another lead role following his recent performance in film “The Dream” that was screened at thus year’s British Urban Film Festival. Kiell Smith-Bynoe, who is widely known for his comedy skits on Youtube also stars alongside BBC Asian Network presenter Guz Khan and “Venus vs Mars” actress Letitia Hector.

Written by Ed Wiles, “Dropperz” promises to shed a light on new diverse talent with interesting content. So far Purple Geko has seen the recent success of their film “The Intent”

Dropperz will air on ITV2 at 8:30pm on the 2nd November.


  1. […] A movie like this is so much needed considering the propaganda surrounding a group of people and their outlook on life. It’s follows the format of ‘Midnight Miracle’ by integrating the highs and lows of social media in our daily activities. We can see a few familiar faces such as Nina Wadia, who is popularly known as part of The Masoods in ‘Eastenders’ and Guz Khan, who was recently in Purple Geko’s ‘Droppez’ mockumentary alongside Letit… […]


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