FIRST LOOK: ‘Drug Runner’ – Mitchell Brown & Charlotte Lancaster


With her film 'Dodgy Dave' already selected for next week's TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Charlotte Regan presents a film-short-doc 'Drug Runner' that was given Vimeo's Staff Pick of the Week Premiere.

There's a sense of stern and lack of unapologetic attitude at the end from the interviewer (who's voice was purposely changed) that if it wasn't him being the drug-runner, then there'll be none to run the supply. You as the viewer is progressing with the non-verbal story of a young 15 year-old who had aspirations and was blinded by the money in the midst of a poverty stricken estate. With Regan sticking with what she knows best (such as the crew that has helped her made her style of videography successful like names such as DOP Arran Green), Regan has got everyone excited about her feature debut that is supported by iFeature called 'Nan'.

The short provides a bold perspective of the high and low of being a 'Drug Runner' is also sets the real story and site as to what the news media may not understand, these young teenagers are vulnerable and they get recruited. There's a sense of sympathy and pressure to create quick money, as we know that he's from a single mother household and that was a last resort. There's also a teenage sense of annoyance as we get to see the downside of being a 'Drug Runner'. Listening the fictitious listener, the sense of annoyance of going out late in the cold to supply addicts as well as working with 'utter dickheads' provides a sense of lead about fear of getting caught, especially when he talks as to how the 'trapping' is letting him slack in school. Does the former 'Drug Runner' has a sense of remorse over the past he chose? Well, we leave that judgement to you.



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