FIRST LOOK: ‘DUALITY’ – Sharni Tapako-Brown & Nisaro Karim


Nothing can be said about our new discovery filmmaker who has recently DM us about his new short thriller 'Duality'. In the eyes of the viewer, the female protagonist is speaking with her inner alter-ego whilst really it's symbolically her talking through her mind. It's that brilliant face as to what Beyonce Knowles had with Sasha Fierce where the personality parallel with her own identity.

This is a vivid twist of the idea as to what the alter ego could be and Sheikh Shahnawaz could have had the option to clearly do ane ethereal voice-over, but with clever cut and sleek editing you get the clever personality disorientation that those who are in a trauma of a situation face, leaving them with no choice but to allow their alter-ego take over in order to lead them to do the impossible.

And these cliff-hangers that Sheikh Shahnawaz has been doing with these shorts clearly shows that there may be something that he's cooking for his debut feature film next year. 


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