Eckoes’ sound is astonishing with her new upload “S.B.F”. The track is electronica R&B with an ambiance of dramatic pop.

The acronym in the title stands for “Single Black Female”, with her explanation of the meaning of the song is one that is masochist feeling. There’s a deep sense of loneliness, yet a crave of obsession through the lyrics: “With you I’m lonely; you make me feel lonely, but why does it break me, when you lay with my body…?” 

The new single comes after “Pieces”setting herself against the norm, ECKOES has presented her sound with full electronic instrumental with ambiance stringing. It’s heavenly out of this world. Already described by BBC 6 Music as ‘gifted’, we feel that ECKOES is destined to bring an innovative sound that will allow others to explore. She has heavenly deep vocals, and an intense innovative pop sound with a slice of R&B that’ll see her shortly among the heavyweights in due time.



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