FIRST LOOK: ‘Educating Divine’ – Chiedu Agborh, Eavie Songbird, Micah Hennessy & Unati Lewis-Nyawo


‘Educating Divine’ is setting the notion of the British fresh chapter of Nollywood, as affluent bachelor David Ogundola opts for an African village girl Divine (Eavie Songbird) as his wife instead of a modern Londoner.

But here’s the catch though – Divine is a village champion, whereby the bush life hasn’t really left her and therefore it’s up to her husband (played by Chiedu Agborh) to teach her the customs of London life. Our thoughts? Well, it’s cheekily flamboyant, funny and true. Not only it’s the first coming from Songbird, but her entry into the world of online entertainment has got her placing her alongside Lola Agun in the world of comedy under her brand Songbird Creationz. Joining her behind the scenes in the creation of the show are Daniel “Chocolate” Awolesi (Assistant Producer), Alpha Barrie (Director), Max Olujobi (Editor), Richard “Fresh Richi” Haynes (Sound Designer) and Christion “Tion” Dolor (Photography). Alongside Songbird and Agborh are Micah Hennessy and Unati Lewis-Nyawo who play the parents of David Ogundola.

So yes, we had to watch the trailer a couple of times and many would be drowned by the handsomeness of Agborh. Nevertheless, for David to marry a traditional African woman comes the mayhem, and we get to see the whole mayhem unfold! There’s full of laughs and we will keep you covered with the episodes.


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