The East End Film Festival will be taking over East London this summer, with special free events and exclusive screenings that’ll be happening throughout these film celebrations.

There’s plenty of films to choose from and a host of talent to discover. Below are our recommendations for you to check out.

All Eyes East – 2nd June

These are a selection of films that have a pivotal focus on all things East End. Viewers get the chance to glimpse the region’s unknown history and the present fight against gentrification. Chosen filmmakers for this section include  Derek Smith, Kate V. Lewis,  Ellen Evans and Matthew Holman.

Cutting East – 3rd June

Fully Focused Productions’ short ‘Deep It’ starring Joivan Wade and Percelle Scott is selected among other shorts that deal with issues effecting young people. On the positive side, you have Aaron Christian’s short ‘London Locks’, which looks into the emerging new subculture of young creatives. Therefore, not everything’s doom or gloom.

Homelands – 8th June

Punch Records first ever documentary exploring the cultural influence of Black culture in British music. If you can’t wait, read our review about the film. Otherwise, purchase a ticket to watch the screening.

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle – 8th June

With council housing in a shocking decline in London, the government has exploited on the removal of working class communities in aid for a better reputation of London.  Paul Sng directs this documentary that will be screening on Election Day. The film looks at the internal housing crisis that is occurring and the major role that private developers have in creating a bigger wealth gap between the rich and poor. There’ll be accounts from both experts and residents with provided narration by Maxine Peake.

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle  is a film that can’t afford to be missed.

Paa Joe & The Lion – June 10th

This film is shows the unconditional bond between  a father and his son. Things take a drastic turn when Paa Joe’s business profits slumps (due to hard times). However, despite the current economic climate, his son endlessly continue to dream about working with his father. With a  special request to attend a special event in Europe, both Paa Joe and his son embark on a new adventure that brings them closer as a family and for the business.  Limited free tickets can be purchased here.

Love Etc. – June 10th

We’re happy to see Bertrand’s ‘Morning Glory’ among the final line-up of shorts for this section, as it explores the different kinds of this human virtue.

Get ready to laugh and cry.

Whose Streets? – 15th June

There’s a street staying that goes ‘Who Runs the Streets?’

Damon Davis and Sabaah Folayan give the East End a London Premiere of their debut film  that deals with the awakening aftermath of Michael Brown’s murder. Both directors utilise on real accounts and social media footage. They shed a slice of the America that isn’t considered to some as ‘the home of the free’, but instead paint another story about the role of military policing and injustice on Black Americans. Released under Monologia Pictures, Davis and Folayan shows the world as to why we should keep our eye on them when dealing with documentary content.

Tickets are available here.

 Gholam -15th June

We get a dive into the Iranian Diaspora with Mitra Tabrizian, who casrs Cannes 2016 Actor Award Winner Shahab Hosseini to star a mysterious introvert taxi driver. in his feature length film ‘Gholam’. 

The Ghoul – 17th June

We have a mini-review about the movie from Ellie Wiltshire, which you can go and have a read on.

Brexitannia – 23rd June

The shocking U-turn of Britain’s departure from the European Union is one of the pivotal moments in political history. Having said that, a panel discussion with Timothy George Kelly after the screening of his documentary ‘Brexitannia’ could not come at such a crucial time. The opportunities and setbacks of Brexit are still in debate and the panel discussion will have guests from both sides of the debate.

Keep it in the Family – 24th June 

Dean Anderson’s ‘Class 15’ is shortlisted among the official selection of shorts that deal with the natural human emotion of family. Other filmmakers shortlisted for this segment include Alex Emanuel, Saman Hosseinpuor, Adam Etheridge and Brady Hood.

These some of the few that’s we’ve selected. We’re sure that there’s going to be bound to be more!




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