We all can remember when Adeyemi Michael released a powerful image of his mother riding on a horse. The retweets went crazy on that day, cos it's beyond to many to see a Black person on a horse wearing Yoruba Traditional wear.

But this film is much more than the picture, as Michael is demonstrate the power that immigrants have. In his words, we are more than migrants seeking green pastures, we are actually conquerors, and the image of his mum riding on a horse depicts the symbolic associations of victory, triumph and championship - something that is strongly associated with history and in the renaissance painting. Therefore, this film 'Entitled' is going to be something special, and through the trailer, it's going to have a similar spirit felt with Tomisin Adepeju's "The Good Son": fierce Yoruba language (because certain sayings are more powerful in the language than in English). We are truly looking forward to the response of the short on Channel 4's Random Acts.






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