With the issues of racism and immigration currently at the crossroads, Equals present a politically driven music video that sets the issue once again the spotlight.

With the spark rise of abuse and crime across the board following the vote, the music video is set at an emotion, showing the diverse group of people in the UK from working class and migrant communities. The music video is filmed in black and white cinematography, showing the case of uncertainty of the future of a predominate new EU that’s divided; returning the unity of a common ground.

Equals reveals that the single Letter To Leave (What Can I Say?) was an immediate song straight after the Brexit vote. The duo once again brings us the electronica Soul (thanks to Ade Omotayo’s vocals whilst Johnny Tomlinson provides the rhythmic synths). The politically charged single is the second track from their forthcoming album ‘1997’. Heard about the Equals for the first time? You can listen to the first release ‘Husk’.


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