The new sound of Hip Hop is warm with the new-found blend of jazz, and duo Fanshore & Tropic follow suit with their new track “Reaper” via Tree House Records.

What began as a friendship between the duo that sprung after working at Urban Outfitters became a never-ending exchange, whereby Tyler Darrington and Tristan Gibbs share similar interests and love for urban music.  “Reaper” is warm with a contemporary sound and casual but conversational flow seen by the likes of Summer Club and Ciaran Austin, with a sonic heavenly melody of strings and ambiance. The track shows the duo love for hip-hop, jazz and soul and their debut single “Sunlight” traced them forward to a new direction on their own terms in the next new age of Hip Hop.

“Reaper” is more a relaxed take parallel form the aggressive and strong beats of grime and trap that’s taking over the charts, making the duo Fanshore & Tropic (real names Tyler Darrington and Tristan Gibbs) more inclined to rather tell stories than being on trend.




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