Following from his debut ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, Arnold Peters unveils the trailer for his second film ‘Femi’, which has undertones dealing with immigration. The trailer sees the conversation between a mother and daughter (Bonnie). The daughter tells her mother that she’s found a new friend who’s illegally immigrated to England in search of his uncle and auntie is currently taking refuge in a garden shed.

What we’re left with is the mother disbelief and the daughter’s new bond with the mysterious young boy. We beg to question as to what happens next because right now, everything is left for people to interpret.

Alongside Peters writing, directing and producing the script, you also have Pegah Gashtasbi as the producer. The beautiful cinematography was done by Carter Hewlett, sound recording by Joao Correia, lighting by Simon Battensby, Jim Page as editor, music by Richard Collins and sound design by Barni Sparkes.


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