Whether it’s ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Night Fever’ or ‘Save The Last Dance’, Hollywood has always played on the notion that dance can actually bring about love. Although we’d be here all day recalling the top dance films of all time where the leading protagonists have ended up falling in love in the midst of fierce competition, we have a couple of details in regards to a new five-part series that’ll see self-confessed romantic and Diversity choreographer Ashley Banjo use cupid skills to bring singles together as one.

The upcoming show is called ‘Flirty Dancing’, and it will see two complete strangers bring out their personalities in a fully choreographed dance routine that will also display what they want in a partner. The catch here is that they’ll be no talking involved! As the two strangers will learn their routine separately before heading out to a location that sees them live out as if they are in a Hollywood musical. The few minutes will be intense as they’ll need to ‘dance to impress’ rather than give the talk. Knowing that Banjo met his own wife through dance, there can be no other person to host the show other than him.

Different types of dance will be explored on the show, including classics such as the Waltz and Tango. Two sets of singles will be paired up with Ashley Banjo being the guiding light throughout their journey.




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