Foodoo has achieved a lot since the age of 14. After gaining attention from Radio 1Xtra and earning his first radio play, Foodoo has gone on to work with the likes of Bluey Robinson, Raheem Bakare, Sway and Tiggs the Author.

The multi-talented producer, whose sound expands from Grime, Hip Hop to Pop and R&B releases a small compilation titled ‘Be Like’. It features tracks from Bonkaz, Mugun, Dotty and Maz Kee in which he’s produced for. With Bonkaz being Hip Hop orientated with ‘Nokia Nostalgia’, Dotty makes things upbeat and high tempo with the Afro-electrified ‘It’s Luv.’ 

Foodoo later takes listeners back to the old skool Hip Hop with Mugun’s track ‘Hold Me Down’. The EP ends on a haze with Marv Skeez’ ‘From A Young Buck’. The mini-EP is Foodoo’s multitalented instrumentalism and electronic fuses of a diversity of genres. It shows his gift and his execution to work with any artist in the game, regardless of to whom they may be. ‘Be Like’ is even more hot with the enlisting of these artists and sets Foodoo among the go-to producers to work with.


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