Former Vandal is giving us a hard-rock-pop with “BLOW” without taking away those emotive lyrics that has made us to love him from our side of the pond.

The single is all part of his alt-pop that has the emo-influence. One could say that “BLOW” brings out a different side to Former Vandal, and this comes following the announcement that Vandal is going to release his OFFICIAL ALBUM entitled “The Grieving Young” at the end of this month.

With the official music video being full of hazy warm cinematography, Vandal continues excites us with thoughts as to what the full album will sound like and what the tracklist will be. Will he bring us some tracks taken from his “Honeymoon Daze EP”?

Listening through with previous track “REAL COOL” and “PARLIAMENTS”, it seems that Vandal is giving us more of a maturer emo of his alt-pop dead sounds. The guitar riffs have are stronger, his vocals are bolder and the momentum of being an American kid that grew up to US pop that has minor influence of eighties American pop is so flamboyant in his work.

We’re so sure that “The Grieving Youth” is going to break records, and set him up among the new artists of the millennial pop revolution and innovation.




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