More dark-pop with catchy punk lyrics from our favourite new artist Former Vandal, who returns with “When You Cry”.

It’s another alternative emo-pop for all of the outcasts and outfit lovers out there, as Former Vandal with the lyrics such as “Will you return my body, please? Withhold the marks you lent to me. Well, your spite, it bites so gracefully.” Guess that the pop-rock lyricism against the technical rock instrumentals hasn’t really left Former Vandal. Afterall, who else can remember the dark-emo movement that swept the 00’s thanks to bands such as Green Day and Paramore?

His “Honeymoon Haze” EP sets the singer to be a dark underdog in the realm of pop. He has sing-a-long emotive lyrics that contribute to his eerie sound. His new single is about the perils of a relationship, The single may be prejudged as weird, but that sense of weirdness and non-conformity is what makes Vandal an alternative pop artist.


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