Franko Fraize’s first mainstream EP release is here!

It’s entitled “Lights and Colour” and it begins strong with the first track that features Alex Joseph called “Side By Side”. Joseph is also on the final track “Stop Me” and the accompanied music video is available to watch here. 

“Let Go” has an strong keyboard influence of the early nineties house, and Fraize adds the new rap flow that is similar to the late early Garage. Come to think of it, his flow reminds us of the young Streets, who came on the scene with the classic “Has It Come To This”. Tone smooths the track with his own vocals. Indeed, this track is one that can be listened to in the clubs *start cutting shapes*.

Now the third track “Queen of Hearts” showcases’ Fraize passion for storytelling through his own style of rap. Set back with the blue-style chorus, Fraize paints a picture about a young girl who is seductive. When you think that the track has a mellow tonne, Fraize adds EDM toward the end, which shows that Fraize is strongly influenced by both mainstream and underground sounds.

“King” is the only track has a female vocalists. It features Snowy Danger and READER, and it has a killing Mario-influenced-melody that has been intertwined with a mix of hypnotic additional instruments that we usually hear on these individualistic radio stations.

The final track “Stop Me” compliments perfectly with the first track, despite the parallel in terms of the sound. The track has a clash between Jazz, Hip Hop and EDM. This track can easily be a major smash hit. Speaking of which, the track was featured on Spotify’s Grime Shutdown playlist!

There’s no deny that Franko Fraize has established himself as the next heir to follow the Streets and “Lights & Colour” EP, proves this testament.



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